• Editorial Photography

    Darren Casey Editorial Photographer in Hull

    Dynamic and interesting pictures create the instant visual impact that any successful news story or magazine feature needs. As a dedicated and seasoned editorial photographer I understand that the images I create must tell the whole story, whether its a regional or national news job or a range of images for a feature mag.

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  • PR Photography

    Darren Casey PR Photographer in Hull

    Being a press photographer is arguably the best grounding for shooting for PR and marketing agencies for one simple reason, I know what picture editors will select when putting a publication together. So whether its directly for a newspaper campaign or for a trade publication you can rely on my experience and advice.

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  • Corporate & Event Photography

    Darren Casey Corporate Photographer in Hull

    Corporate events and conferences take a lot of hard work to organise and setup, you want your success to be promoted as widely as possible to ensure that your next event is over subscribed very quickly. Working in conjunction with your events team I can provide the photography to record every aspect of the event. That includes everything from room sets to guest arrivals, speeches and awards through to evening celebrations. I can even provide on-site studio facilities for black tie balls.

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  • Commercial Photography

    Darren Casey Commercial Photographer in Hull

    Commercial Photography as a title covers a very wide range of subjects and the clients I shoot for can be just as varied. I may be shooting a brochure for a holiday home company one day then the next it's a high profile portrait for a corporate company. I have a very wide skill set and it includes location food photography, company head shots, industrial interiors and products, medical features, products for advertising, room interiors for housing organisations etc etc. The list goes on but i'm prepared to adapt my skills to any situation required.

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  • HD Video Services

    As the popularity of video on the web increases especially in Social Media I am continually adapting to meet your business needs. My experience in the industry coupled with expertise in HD video technology means that I can help increase the popularity of your business on search engines with embedded video. So, whether it's a detailed training video or a simple business profile, give me a call to discuss your ideas.

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  • Personal Projects

    Darren Casey Commercial Photographer in Hull

    Having personal projects as a photographer, I think, is very important. As a creative you need to be able to experiment with different techniques and to constantly try and push the boundaries of your skills in order to remain current. It's too easy to become blinkered within the set of services you offer and for the job to become regular. Having projects keeps you fresh and energised for your clients' next assignment.

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  • Sport Photography

    Darren Casey Sport Photographer in Hull

    Sport photography is a specialized skill especially at professional level, you can't just sit on a touchline waiting for the action to come to you! My skill set includes professional portraiture of athletes and managers as well as capturing the action and presenting it as it unfolds on the pitch. The ability to shoot, edit and send very fast is also a must along with having the right equipment for the job. It's not all about the top levels though, grass roots sport is just as important so capturing the stars of the future is an essential skill.

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  • More about Darren Casey - Corporate, Commercial and PR Photographer:

    My photography origins begin a little different to most, I am a former Royal Navy Photographer.

    Without a doubt this is one of the most exciting, challenging and interesting photographic careers anyone can have. As a military photographer I've worked under water on Submarines and above water on Ships and in Helicopters, I've documented Royal Marines Commandos in action and Royal Navy rescue relief on foreign shores. I've photographed many different people from the newest recruit to the highest of Admirals and heads of state including Her Majesty the Queen. My images have provided a permanent historical record of life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines whilst aiming to promote the Armed Forces through global publicity.

    Having served my time in the military I now work commercially in the Editorial Press and PR field as a Freelance Photographer / Videographer. My clients range from National and Regional News organisations to Public Relations and Marketing Companies both large and small. Commercial institutions and corporate event companies are also part of my ever growing list of customers.

    I am able to draw on a huge bank of experience and knowledge in order to deliver what my clients request and more often than not act as a source of advice on what I think will work on a publicty campaign, feature magazine, corporate brochure or in a newspaper.